Shelby Mustang Keychains

Spruce up your set of keys with a new Shelby keychain. Explore our unique collection of keychains and flashlights below.
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Leather Coin Keychain Carbon Fiber Keychain Carbon Fiber Shelby Snake Keychain
Leather Coin Keychain
Retail Price: $14.95
Carbon Fiber Keychain
Retail Price: $19.95
Stainless Steel FOB Keychain Super Snake Seatbelt Keychain Live Fast, Drive Faster Round Keychain
Stainless Steel FOB Keychain
Retail Price: $14.95
Super Snake Seatbelt Keychain
Retail Price: $14.95
Shelby American  Round Keychain Shelby 3-Sided Bar Silver Keychain Shelby I Love Horse Power Square Metal Keychain
Shelby Racing Round Metal Keychain Shelby LED Black Flashlight Keychain Shelby LED Royal Blue Flash Light Keychain
Shelby Genuine Leather Red Key Tag Shelby Silicone Pink  Keychain Shelby Silicone Royal Keychain
Shelby Silicone Pink Keychain
Retail Price: $19.95
Shelby Rectangular Metal Keychain Shelby Round Metal Keychain Shelby American Woven Lanyard Keychain
Shelby Round Metal Keychain
Retail Price: $14.95
Shelby Black Carabiner Clip with Keyring Shelby Blue Carabiner Clip with Keyring Shelby Snake Acrylic Keychain - 2"
Shelby Racing Antique Coin Keychain Shelby Shield keychain
Shelby Shield keychain
Retail Price: $12.95

Shelby Keychains: The Perfect Present

A shiny new Shelby keychain is the perfect present for any Shelby Mustang or Ford enthusiast. No set of keys is truly complete without a flashy keychain after all! Our keychains come in a variety of styles and materials. Some feature the traditional Shelby logo while our Cobra keychains show off the iconic Shelby Cobra logo. No matter what you are looking for, our keychain collection is sure to satisfy!

Flashlights, Coins, Piston Keychains, and More!

When you think of a “keychain”, what comes to your mind? Anything exciting? Probably not. Well at Shelby, we take pride in everything we produce. Our keychain collection features unique products like small flashlights, coins, piston keychains, and even a seatbelt keychain. These come in a variety of materials too including leather, carbon fiber, and heavy-duty stainless steel. These are sure to add some flair to your keys unlike most other keychains on the market.

Our Most Popular Shelby Keychains

Flashlights? Pistons? Coins? Overwhelmed by all of the different choices? We know that with so many unique options, it can be difficult to choose which Shelby keychain you should get. We find it can be helpful to look at our best sellers. For this collection, our best sellers include:

1. Piston Keychain
Seatbelt Keychain
Stainless Steel and Leather Keychain

All three of these best-sellers feature the Shelby Snake logo. Keep in mind that we also offer Cobra keychains and Shelby American keychains.

Get Yourself Some Shelby Apparel!

A keychain is an affordable and sleek way to add some personality to your set of keys. If you really want to show some enthusiasm for the Shelby name, check out some of our other Shelby merchandise. We have Shelby shirts, hats, and outerwear that is perfect for any true Shelby fan. If you want to stick with merchandise, check out our Shelby diecasts, wall art, and drinkware. These are some of our most popular collections. We are sure you will find something you love amongst all that we have to offer!