Shelby Apparel and Merchandise

The Man Behind The Merchandise: Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby was a legendary automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his involvement with the AC Cobra and Mustang for Ford Motor Company in the late 1960s and early 2000s.

It was during this time that Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles won the 1966 Le Mans which had been previously dominated by Ferrari. From there, Shelby went on to create the Shelby Store in 2007. We are proud to be the only official Shelby store and offer the widest variety of Shelby merchandise on the market!

Shelby Mustang Merchandise for All

Our store truly has Shelby clothing, merchandise, and accessories for everyone. Whether you own a Shelby Mustang, are just an enthusiast, or are looking for the perfect gift, we have you covered. We have collections of menís t-shirts, women's apparel, and childrenís merchandise. If that wasnít enough, we even have a collection of pet accessories, that way the whole family can enjoy!

Our Most Popular Collections

Since our store is packed with anything and everything Shelby, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. We carry such a wide array of apparel and merchandise that, no matter your taste, you are sure to find a perfect product. To narrow down your options a bit, we have outlined three of our most popular collections below. At the end of the day, you really canít go wrong, especially if you are shopping for a Shelby superfan.

Out of all of our Shelby clothing, merchandise, and accessories, some of our top collections include:
  1. Shelby Mustang Diecast Collectibles

  2. Shelby Mustang Hats

  3. Le Mans & GT40 Merchandise

Explore What Else Shelby Has to Offer!

Although grabbing some authentic Shelby Mustang merchandise is great, Shelby has much more to offer aside from clothes and accessories! If you are a Shelby Mustang owner and are looking for some upgrades, check out the Performance Parts section of the site. Shelby Performance Parts offers a full complement of parts developed through our own R&D program, along with key partners, for the Ford Mustang, Shelby GT, and Shelby GT500.

Along with performance parts, Shelby also offers private tours, event hosting, and hosts car shows. These are all local events that take place at the Shelby Heritage Center in Las Vegas. You can learn more about these in-person opportunities on our more info page.