Metal Signs

Our Shelby metal signs and metal wall art are a must-have for any Shelby Mustang fan! Made of steel and built to last.
Explore our unique collection here.

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Ford Snake  Hood Prop Sign- 24" (Available in multiple colors) Ford Snake  Hood Prop Sign 12"- (Available in multiple colors) Shelby Flag Metal Cutout Color Sign
Shelby Cobra American Muscle Tin Sign Shelby Pick Your Poison Tin Sign Shelby American Pistons Tin Sign
Shelby Garage Flag Shield MDF Sign Shelby Pistons with  Flames Metal Sign Lucid Ford Snake Metal Sign
Lucid Ford Snake Metal Sign
Retail Price: $80.00
Vintage Shelby Round Piston  Round Metal Sign Shelby 427 Cobra Metal Sign- Blue Shelby GT350H Car Metal Sign- Black w/Gold
Shelby GT350 Car Metal Sign- White Silver GT500 USA Flag Metal Sign Team Shelby Bar Regional Metal Sign
Team Shelby Regional Metal Sign GT350 Personalized State Metal Signs GT350 North Carolina State Metal Sign - 22" x 9"
GT350 New York State Metal Sign - 22" x 17" GT350 Oklahoma State Metal Sign - 22" x 12" GT350 Pennsylvania  State Metal Sign - 22" x 14"
GT350 Illinois State Metal Sign - 16" x 22" GT350 Georgia State Metal Sign - 19" x 22" Shelby GT40 Car Metal Sign- Gold
Shelby GT40 Car Metal Sign- Black Shelby GT500 Car Metal Sign Red GT350 USA Flag Metal Sign
Shelby GT500 Car Metal Sign
Retail Price: $40.00
Red GT350 USA Flag Metal Sign
Retail Price: $50.00
Silver GT350 USA Flag Metal Sign Shelby F150 Badge Wall Metal Sign Shelby F150 Super Snake Badge Wall Metal Sign
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Shelby Signs Are The Perfect “Wow Factor”

These Shelby signs are sure to add a pop to any room. They are a tasteful way of showing off your Shelby pride. We have Shelby Cobra signs, Mustang signs, Carroll Shelby Signature signs, and more! No matter what you are looking for, we are sure you’ll find something you are happy with.
Not sure where you’d hang it? The possibilities are truly endless. These signs are great for offices, garages, living rooms, and basements. However, some of our Shelby signs can withstand the elements, so keep your outdoor spaces in mind too!

High-Quality Metal Sign Construction

We build everything to last, and that includes our signs. Check each product to see the exact details, but many of our signs are made with 14-20 gauge steel, are built to withstand weather, and come with mounting holes.
Our designs pop off the metal with a 3D look that is sure to impress. There are even a few signs you can customize with your VIN such as
this plaque to add a personal touch.

Our Best Selling Shelby Signs

With so many different Shelby mustang signs to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow it down to your favorites. We find it is helpful if we show which Shelby signs are the most popular. In this collection, our best sellers include:

1. Personalized Shelby Plaque
Shelby Cobra Sign
Shelby GT500 Sign

Explore What Else Shelby Has To Offer

A Shelby sign is a unique piece of Shelby history, but don’t stop there! A sign is stationary. Get yourself some Shelby apparel that you can show off every day. We have pit shirts, hats, outerwear, and more!

To take a look at everything we have to offer, go to the Shelby merchandise home page.