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2007-2014 Shelby GT500 Kenne Bell 750HP 2.8L Supercharger: Polished
2007-2014 Shelby GT500 Kenne Bell 750HP 2.8L Supercharger: Polished
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Retail Price: $6,699.99

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Product Code: Z16-KB-54-TSS-P



  • SVT Mustang GT500 (2007-2014)
  • Shelby GT500 Super Snake (2007-2014)

Notes: • This super charger is branded for usage on a Shelby GT500. It contains a Shelby logo, but it will not contain "SuperSnake" markings.

***Important*** Please fill out this FLASH TUNE ORDER FORM (PDF) and provide it to Kenne Bell. This will ensure they get you the correct flash tune for your car.

***Important*** Please note this kit with a K/B tune is based off a stock engine setup with cat back exhaust at most. Any changes such as cams, headers, head work will not be eligible for the K/B standard tune. You will be responsible for purchasing a hand held tuner
and have a custom tune made by a tuning shop of your choice.

Factory original on the Shelby GT500 SuperSnake* this supercharger turns out 750 horsepower to make your GT500 unstoppable! This mammoth 1000hp+ super charger's inlet is designed for use with dual 75mm throttle body or allows the use of the stock 60mm throttle body. Fitting under the stock hood (minor notch on the X-brace required) and with no need for headers, cam, porting, etc., these kits offer the most ideal choice in overall power and performance. There isn't a need for larger fuel pumps, fuel rails, fuel lines, etc. With the exclusive dual Boost-A-Pump fuel flow and SCT Flash Tuner, which is included each Shelby Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger kit, you now can maximize performance with a true "Race Tune" calibration. To top it all off each kit is designed to operate using stock emission components and meets most smog requirements. A quick and easy install makes each Shelby Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger kit a practical investment in maximizing the overall performance of your Shelby GT500.
• Fits under stock hood*. *Notch on X brace required. No new hood or "Body Lift-Engine Lowering Kit" required.
• Most flexible kit design. Easy to “step up” for racing or “dial down” for street with easy pulley change or Kenne Bell bolt ons.
• Stage 3 Kit for widest power choices (540-801HP / 10-23 psi boost) and ALL the HP the car can handle.
• Largest (Dual 75mm) Throttle Body / Manifold for most HP, lowest parasitic losses and coolest air charge. Competition is limited to 60mm.
• Standard “Mammoth” Dual 75mm Inlet Manifold accepts exclusive Kenne Bell Dual 75mm or stock 60mm.
• Optional Kenne Bell designed Dual 75mm Throttle Body (+26-74HP low restriction meter/filter (48-63HP). Eliminates “mixing and matching” parts from others.
• Headers, cams, porting etc. not necessary. A 4 minute 1/4” size pulley change is 20-36HP depending on kit.
• BIG BORE™ 2.8H (2.0 PR). +56HP over 1.4 PR Twin Screws. Rated 1000HP.
• Black anodized.
• +125HP (606 vs. 481) over stock Eaton 122. Same 3” pulley and tune.
• +138HP (655 vs. 517) over stock Eaton 122. Same 2.6” pulley and tune. • + 357HP over stock (801 vs. 444). Stage 3 Kit 2.5” vs. stock Shelby 3”.
• Kenne Bell SCT Flash Tuner - Kenne Bell calibrated “RACE TUNE” included with each kit.
• Exclusive Kenne Bell Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™ included with all kits. Larger pumps, fuel rails, lines etc. not required.
• Smog Legal. EGR etc. not removed.
• Complete kit. No cobbling together a grab bag of parts and then paying a tuner to make it all work.

INCLUDES Replaces the stock restrictive 60mm throttle body and inlet tube with the Kenne Bell Dual 75mm Throttle Body and Big Oval Inlet Tube (+26-74HP depending on pulley size). +26HP (692 vs. 666) with the stock 3” pulley size. That’s almost 700HP at 15.5 psi. Then there are the optional, smaller pulleys. 2-7/8” (728HP), 2-3/4” (764HP) and 2-1/2” (801HP) - all the HP the stock engine and drivetrain can handle. This is truly a “max” performance kit. Note: Also includes everything in the Stage 1 & Stage 2 Kits. This kit only includes the 3.25" pulley - 15-16 psi.

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