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Boss 302 Alternator Kit (2011-2013) Shelby GT500 High Performance Alternator (2007-2008) Speed-Dial Speedometer Adjuster (2005-2010)
Retail Price: $310.00
Retail Price: $299.00
Retail Price: $196.00
  • Boss 302 (2012-2013)
  • Mustang GT 5.0L TIVCT (2011-2012)
The 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustang uses a special high performance alternator, which was designed to operate at higher RPMs. This high performance alternator uses a larger pulley to slow the armature speed in order to reduce drag and parasitic horsepower loss. It also uses a 1-way clutch to prevent belt hop-off during upshifts.
  • Shelby GT500 (2007-2008)
Notes: The 100/200 Amp unit requires a new wiring harness pigtail, which is included.

Shelby American's high performance GT500 alternators are 100% brand new and were designed to meet the rigorous demands for the need of increased amperage. We offer two different versions: 80 Amp Idle / 160 Amp Max. 100 Amp Idle / 200 Amp. Max.
  • Shelby - All Models (2007-2010) (Raptor & Focus Excluded)
  • Ford Mustang - All Models (2005-2010)
Used to correct speedometer because of tire size or gear ratio changes.
Carroll Shelby Engine Co. Aluminum Alternator Bracket
Retail Price: $89.95
Carroll Shelby Engine Co. Aluminum Alternator Bracket
If your buying an aluminum FE motor don't scrimp on the alternator bracket.  Get this aluminum bracket to match the look of the gorgeous all aluminum motor you just built.