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Important Notes:

Parts that do not contain a link are reserved for purchase to owners of that particular vehicle only and must be ordered via phone. Proof of vehicle ownership is required. This catalog only contains the most common parts and is therefore not complete. Please inquire if you need a specific service or warranty part. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply. For more information and a price list, please feel free to call us at 702.405.3500.

Shelby GT and GT-H
Description Model Price Part # Notes
Authenticity Certificate S2MS-Cert
Door sill plates GT-H R-S6SB-13208-A Sold as a pair
Door sill plates SGT R-S7SB-13208-A 2007 N. Calf. models only
Weight specification SGT SGT991
- Faux fuel cap SGT R-7S3Z-9A031-SGT
- Side fender badge SGT R-S2MS-16228-A Each
- Side fender badge GT-H R-S6SB-16068-A Each
- Trunk lettering kit SGT, GT-H S8MS-16607-S Stick on. Chrome
Engine cap set SGT 6-piece set
Engine cap set GT-H 7S3Z-gth-caps 6-piece set
Floor mats SGT only R-8R33-6313010 Black, grey or tan
Hood pin lanyards SGT, GT-H
Hood pin kit (2006-2007only) SGT, GT-H S1MS-16892-SSK
Hood pin kit (2008 only) SGT R-8S3Z-6316892-GT
Hood prop rod tag SGT Obsolete
Hood scoop R-SGT200 Includes center stripe
Owner's Manual (SGT) SGT R-S7S-19A285-A 2007-2008
Stripes & Stripe Kits SGT, GT-H R-PSGT
Wheels - -
Wheel center caps SGT Black or silver, set/4
Wheel center caps GT-H 1130-GTH Set/4
Window Sticker (Shelby) SGT R-S7MS-Monroney
Shelby GT350:
Billet engine cap set R-S11ME-6676-A Blue anodized billet aluminum
GT350 windshield banner R-S11MB-1820-A White text only

Shelby GT500KR
Description Model Price Part Number Notes
Axle reservoir Warranty Only
Authenticity certificate S2MS-Cert
Brake bezel grille inlet
Brake master cylinder cap R-8S3Z-2162-S1A
Door sill plates R-S8SB-13208-KR Engraved with CSM#
- Rear trunk letter template S7SB-1820-A
- Shelby letters 7R3Z-6342528-B Hood or trunk
Engine Coil covers Z30-R-S7SE-6067-B Black, blue, red or silver
Exhaust X-pipe S8M-5251-KR
Front lower splitter R-8R3V-17D997-B7 Carbon fiber
Grille, lower
Floor Mats R-8R33-6313010 Factory O.E.M. Black only
Floor Mats Z4-R-S8M-13086-KR Headrest script design.
Hood R-8R3V-16612-B14 Shipping + $1,450 handling
Hood twist lock pins R-8S3Z-631689-K
Monroney window sticker Shelby version only
Owner's manual R-8R3V-19A385-B
Spoiler (rear trunk) T-16000 Black, blue, red or silver
Strut tower brace, engine M-20201-C
Sway bar, front 7R335482BA O.E.M.
Trunk liner GT500KR branded
Wheels, black only R-8R3V-1007-B2B Each. Center cap not included.
Wheels/Tires R-S8MS-1007-KR4 Set of 4 wheels and tires
Wheel center cap. R-8R3V-0A096-A Each

40th, SuperSnake, 427 Pack
Description Model Price Part Number Notes
Authenticity Certificate All S2MS-Cert
Drive shaft 2007-2012 PM/C-6061
- Rear trunk letter template 2007-2009 S7SB-1820-A
- Shelby letters All 7R3Z-6342528-B
Engine cap set All R-7S3Z-SS-Caps 6-piece set
Engine coil covers All Z31-R-S7SE-6067-C Black, blue, red or silver
Floor mats 2007-2009 R-FM3
Fuel door 2007-2009 R-7S3Z-66405A26 Black or silver
Fuel / trunk lock trim ring (40th) 2007
Fuel / trunk lock trim ring (SS) 2007-2009 R-7S3Z-6342528-SS
Hood 2007-2009 7S3Z-16612-SS Fiberglass
Hood pin kit 2007-2009 Pin, plate, lanyard, post
Hood vents (40th) 2007 7S3Z-16C630-B/C
Hood vents (SuperSnake) 2007-2012 7S3Z-16C630-SS
Jacket Z1-Reserve1
Rocker panel (right) 2007-2009 Carborn fiber. Right side.
Rocker panel (left) 2007-2009 S4AM0005 Carbon fiber. Left side.
Side scoops (lower) 2007-2012 Sold as a pair.
Side scoops (upper) 2007-2012 S7SB-1784-A Sold as a pair.
Splitter (front lower) 2007-2009 Carbon fiber
Strut tower brace, engine 2007-2009 S7SB-20201-A
Stripes & Stripe Kit:
427 graphics kit 2007-2009 R-S7MB-1620001 Black or white
GT500 SuperSnake only 2007-2009 R-SS-1620001
GT500 40th Anniversary only 2007 R-S-GT500
Wheel. Center cap 2007-2012 R-7S3Z-1130-SS Each
Wheel. Front 2007-2012 R-AF1335 20" x 9"
Wheel. Rear 2007-2012 R-AF1334 20" x 10"